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Attitudes in society are slowly changing towards therapy, but it still takes courage to get over that first hurdle, and ask for help

I understand that reaching out and asking for help can be hugely daunting for many. Its so much more acceptable to have a physical illness or a physical pain, and see a doctor. A bruise, visible bandage, or wound, can bring sympathy and understanding from many. But unseen invisible pain, goes unnoticed. We can dress it up, and look good on the outside but often feel debilitated by something that makes little sense to us. This despair can be concealed behind the daily grind of life, with little understanding or knowledge of either what may be wrong, or options available to us.

How often have I heard clients exclaim, " I have a home, a lovely partner, children, but I wake up crying and I don't know why" or, "I finally have my dream job - what's the matter with me ?" - Please remember, there is always a reason.

We do not see things as they are, we see things as We are. Anais Nin.

Many delay seeking help because psychological problems are often seen as some sort of failure or weakness. This added guilt and self punitive self talk only add to the distress. Even when the "pull yourself together" messages have long failed to help, and that extra glass of wine fails to sooth; the thoughts of reaching out can be paralysing.

Thankfully, attitudes in society are slowly changing towards therapy, but I respect that it still takes courage to get over that first hurdle, and ask for help.

After all that, there are other anxieties. Fears of dependency, financial concerns, and the risk of emotional pain being exacerbated, to mention a few. It's very natural to have these concerns, and it's important that they are talked through openly and honestly when they emerge.

I am not going to suggest that therapy is pain free. Therapy can be a painful process. Coming face to face with problems, insecurities, stressors that someone may have spent a lifetime trying to bury, is not easy. However, it is important to remember that ultimately, therapy can equip clients with effective coping skills, to live a more fulfilling, enriched, and meaningful life.

Therapy is a potentially life changing process for many.

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